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What Are the Advantages of Accelerated Invisalign for Teens?

best orthodontist Park AvenueInvisalign is an excellent alternative to traditional metal braces. For most patients, it is just as effective as conventional treatments. The aligners are nearly invisible—this means that teenage patients can feel confident in their smiles throughout treatment. In addition, Invisalign aligners are easy to use and clean, which makes them ideal for an active teenager.

At Seligman Orthodontics, Dr. David Seligman and his team offer accelerated Invisalign. This is an innovative new procedure. The orthodontist fits the patient with a special mouthpiece that is designed to complement the Invisalign aligners. The patient has to wear the mouthpiece for only 20 minutes per day. The mouthpiece provides gentle microvibrations, which stimulate bone remodeling and encourage teeth to shift and reposition themselves more rapidly. The use of the mouthpiece significantly shortens the total treatment time and has no known adverse side effects. We offer accelerated Invisalign treatments for both adults and teens.

To find out whether accelerated Invisalign may be right for you or your child, call us today at (646) 681-3086 to book a consultation. You can also visit our website for more information on this efficient new procedure.

Get the Facts about Adult Orthodontics

While orthodontic treatments are traditionally associated with teens, one in five orthodontic patients is now an adult. More efficient treatments, coupled with a greater awareness of the importance of dental health, have led an increasing proportion of the adult population to seek orthodontic care. Watch this video to find out more about the advantages of straightening your teeth as an adult.

The video debunks some of the myths associated with adult orthodontics. It explains that teeth can be straightened at any age and discusses some of the main reasons why adults seek orthodontic treatments.

Dr. David Seligman and his team at Seligman Orthodontics offer a wide range of adult orthodontic treatments in NYC. To find out more the procedures we provide, call us at (646) 681-3086 and let us help you achieve your most beautiful smile.

Different Types of Retainers

If you visited a top orthodontist in NYC for braces, he probably discussed retainers with you during one of your visits. Retainers are generally the second phase of orthodontic treatment, and are often necessary once your braces have been removed. They come in a few different styles, and your orthodontist will help you choose the style that will be most helpful for your teeth.

Hawley Retainers invisalign park avenue
Hawley retainers are the most common and recognizable style of retainers. A Hawley retainer is made of thin acrylic that is custom-molded to fit your mouth. Around the outer edge of the acrylic are wires that hold your teeth in the correct position. These retainers can be adjusted to correct your teeth as they move, and can also be customized in different colors and designs. The retainer can be easily removed to allow you to eat and care for your teeth.

Clear Plastic Retainers
Clear plastic retainers, such as Invisalign aligners, are custom-made of a flexible, transparent plastic. They fit directly over your teeth, and are virtually invisible. They have no wires, and are very comfortable. These retainers can be removed to allow you to eat and brush your teeth. If necessary, new aligners can be customized to adjust to the movement of your teeth.

Fixed Retainers
Fixed retainers are typically used on the lower front teeth. They are not removable, but you also cannot see them when you smile or talk. If your orthodontist recommends a fixed retainer, he will bond a wire to the back of your teeth. This wire can remain in place for months or years to ensure that your teeth will not revert back to their former positions. Orthodontists recommend fixed retainers when there is a high risk that the teeth will shift once braces have been removed.

If you’re looking for an orthodontist in NYC, visit Seligman Orthodontics. Dr. David Seligman has 16 years of experience in orthodontics, and he uses the latest orthodontic technology to customize the perfect orthodontic program for each of his patients. Call our office today at (646) 681-3086 to set up an orthodontic consultation with Dr. Seligman.

A Look at Accelerated Invisalign

accelerated invisalign park avenue If you’re interested in clear braces, a top orthodontist in NYC can offer you accelerated Invisalign treatment. The accelerated Invisalign process is used in conjunction with Invisalign aligners. Your orthodontist will custom make an additional device, or mouthpiece, that will be inserted around your Invisalign aligners for just 20 minutes per day.

This device accelerates the movement of your teeth by applying gentle microvibrations. Your tooth movement can be increased by up to 106% during the initial phase of your orthodontic treatment, and by up to 50% during later phases of your orthodontic treatment. This decreases the overall time that you’ll need to spend on your orthodontic treatment.

To find out if the accelerated Invisalign process can help you speed up your orthodontic treatment, contact Seligman Orthodontics. Dr. David Seligman provides the best orthodontic care in NYC, with over 16 years of experience. He is dedicated to providing his patients with the highest quality of orthodontic care using the latest orthodontic technology. Call our office today at (646) 681-3086 to set up a consultation.

Answers to Your Questions about Braces

Orthodontist NYC

With advances in dental technology, there are now many different types and styles of braces, and your orthodontist can help you find the perfect one for your orthodontic treatment needs and lifestyle. If you’re visiting a Park Avenue orthodontist for adult braces, here are some answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about braces.

How do braces work?
Braces apply continuous pressure to your teeth over a gradual period of time. This pressure slowly forces your teeth into alignment. This process allows your orthodontist to correct misalignments in your bite and smile.

What are braces made of?
The components of braces vary between the different types of braces available. Standard metal braces are made up of brackets, arch wires, and ties. Brackets are bonded to the front of each tooth, and they hold the arch wires that move your teeth into place. Ties hold the arch wires to the brackets, and are made of elastic rubber bands.

What types of braces are available?
Your orthodontist can help you choose between clear braces, such as Invisalign aligners, Damon braces, metal braces, and lingual braces. Metal braces are the standard braces described above. Invisalign aligners are made of a flexible plastic and are custom created to fit over your top and bottom teeth. These aligners are virtually invisible, and can be removed to allow you to eat and clean your teeth. Damon braces are self-ligating and don’t require elastic ties. This means that they aren’t tightened regularly by your orthodontist like traditional braces are, and the treatment time is much shorter. Lingual braces are made up of brackets and ties that are bonded to the backs of your teeth, making them invisible when you smile.

If you’re looking for an orthodontist in NYC that offers a variety of different types of braces, set up a consultation at Seligman Orthodontics. Dr. David Seligman is a top orthodontist in NYC, and he can fit you for Damon braces, metal braces, lingual braces, or Invisalign aligners. Call our office today at 212.988.8235 to set up an appointment.

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