• What Is an Orthodontist?

    Before you can decide whether to undergo traditional or advanced orthodontic therapy, you must first determine who you want your orthodontist to be.

    In this video, you’ll learn what it takes to become a certified and knowledgeable orthodontist. The information provided in this short video will help you figure out what to look for when it comes to choosing an orthodontist for your treatment.

    When searching for the right orthodontic specialist, consider Seligman Orthodontics . We offer the most advanced orthodontic care and use the latest in cutting-edge technology. When it comes to your teeth, trust our highly trained staff to sculpt a beautiful new smile. Call us at (888) 785-6413 to reach our Park Avenue office.

  • Adult Orthodontic Treatment Option: Clear Braces from Invisalign

    Smiling woman

    If you’re ready to take the first step towards obtaining a better-looking smile, consider clear braces for your orthodontic treatment. If you have mild crowding, spacing, or other minor dental abnormalities, you might be a good candidate for Invisalign :

    • Smile with Confidence 
      Many adults put off their orthodontic treatment, because they want a more subtle treatment than traditional braces offer. Plus, metal brackets and wires can interfere with a person’s ability to smile and communicate clearly. Invisalign allows you to smile with confidence. With clear braces , no one will even know you’re undergoing an orthodontic treatment.
    • Maintain Your Quality of Life
      Most people have to give up some measure of their quality of life when they undergo orthodontic treatment. However, with clear braces, you don’t have to give up anything. You can remove the Invisalign trays when you need to, allowing you to continue eating what you want and maintaining your oral hygiene routine.
    • Preserve Optimal Dental Health 
      Since you can remove your Invisalign trays, you can effectively clean your teeth and gums during your orthodontic treatment. Traditional braces make cleaning the teeth and flossing the gums extremely difficult. Many patients suffer gum disease and tooth decay throughout their traditional orthodontic treatment due to inadequate oral hygiene routines, adding on to the cost of dental care. With clear braces, you simply have to remove the trays to brush and floss normally. When you are finished cleaning your teeth, you just snap them back into place!

    Find out if clear braces are right for you by contacting Seligman Orthodontics . We use the latest in child and adult orthodontic treatments to provide high-quality orthodontic service and results. Learn more about the treatment options we offer at our Park Avenue office by visiting our website or calling us today at (888) 785-6413.

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