• Trends in Orthodontics for Adult Patients

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    As orthodontic treatment technology improves, adults are finding it easier and more convenient to achieve a beautiful smile than ever before. Professional working adults may have worried in the past about braces, because older orthodontic systems proved to be bulky and uncomfortable. However, today’s solutions for straighter teeth and jaw alignment are aesthetically pleasing and relatively low maintenance. Here is a look at a few of the orthodontic treatments available to adult patients :  


    The Invisalign treatment plan uses a series of customized clear liners that fit over the teeth to gently move teeth into their ideal positions. Invisalign liners are undetectable when they are in, and they can be easily removed to eat and brush the teeth. The treatment system uses no brackets, wires, or metal to create a better smile.

    Damon Braces

    By revolutionizing the design of the brace bracket, the Damon system has made braces much more comfortable. The teeth are moved gently and quickly, so treatment time is reduced compared to that of traditional braces. Damon braces are available in clear styles, which blend beautifully into the smile so they are only noticeable from close up.

    Incognito Braces

    The Incognito system is a completely custom orthodontic treatment that utilizes brackets that fit onto the back of your upper and lower teeth. The braces are visually undetectable, but they work effectively to move the teeth and create a more pleasing smile. Plus, Incognito braces have a minimal disturbance of your speech, as they blend so well into your oral anatomy.

    See if these options will suit your needs for orthodontic care with Dr. David Seligman of Seligman Orthodontics on Park Avenue. We regularly work with adult patients, so we can cater to your unique needs for treatment. Schedule a consultation to discuss your smile by calling (888) 785-6413 or visiting our website. 

  • How Do You Know If Your Child Needs Orthodontic Treatment?

    For most parents, determining if their child needs orthodontic treatment can be a challenging decision. Fortunately, with the help of an experienced orthodontic team, a parent can easily find the right answers regarding their child’s treatment. 

    This video from Seligman Orthodontics is a brief introduction to deciding your child’s path of treatment . You’ll also learn who the professionals are that you may want to consider seeing for advice and support. 

    Dr. David Seligman of Seligman Orthodontics strives to provide the highest quality in patient-centered orthodontic care for the adults, adolescents, and children of the Park Avenue area. For more information regarding your oral health, contact us today at (888) 785-6413. 

  • 3 Reasons to Choose the Damon System

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    Braces are a great way to improve the look and function of your smile. Straight teeth are not only easier to clean and maintain, but they help boost your confidence and self-esteem. If you are considering braces to achieve a healthier, brighter smile, you may be wondering about the many treatment options available to you. The Damon System is a revolutionary treatment method that can provide excellent results in addition to improved facial aesthetics.  Here are a few reasons why you may want to choose the Damon System to straighten your smile:

    1. Faster Results 

    Compared with traditional dental braces, the Damon System has been shown to provide results 20% faster. Instead of creating friction as the teeth migrate, the Damon archwire is able to move freely and smoothly as the teeth change positions.

    1. Increased Comfort

    Many patients are satisfied with the Damon System due to its superior comfort. When compared with traditional dental braces, patients reported an average of 60% less discomfort. 

    1. Better Sleep

    In addition to broadening the natural smile, the Damon System’s ability to broaden the dental arches can provide additional space for the tongue inside the mouth. This extra space can improve problems that a patient may have with snoring, allowing more oxygen to enter the airways while sleeping. Although this improvement may not occur in all patients, many report improvements in energy levels and reduced fatigue.

    Are you interested in learning more about whether or not the Damon System is right for you?  Dr. David Seligman of Seligman Orthodontics is dedicated to helping you make the best possible decision for your dental health. Call today at (888) 785-6413 to schedule your appointment at our Park Avenue office.  Children, teens, and adults can all benefit from this advanced system.

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    Dr. David Seligman and professional surfer Bethany Hamilton recently sat down with Dr. Manny Alvarez, senior managing health editor of FoxNews.com, to discuss how  Damon braces helped to boost her confidence.

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  • Learn More About Taking Care Of Your Teeth

    Did you enjoy reading about the dental health topics explored in our recent posts? You can learn more about dental braces and oral hygiene by looking through the links below. If you have any further questions, contact the orthodontic practice of Dr. David Seligman at (888) 785-6413.

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  • The Importance of Good Hygiene During Orthodontic Treatment

    Practicing good oral hygiene is extremely important in all stages of life, but it becomes especially important during treatment with dental braces. Without proper maintenance, braces can trap food near the teeth and gums, leading to the development of plaque, which can harm the enamel on the teeth and contribute to gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath, and long-term aesthetic issues.

    At Seligman Orthodontics, we have teamed up with Oral B to help our patients practice excellent oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment . Below are some helpful tips for cleaning your braces and teeth on a daily basis:


    Brush After Meals

    Brush your teeth and brackets carefully, making sure that you remove all debris that may have become caught under the wires of your braces. Brushing at a 45-degree angle, first from the top of the wire and then from the bottom, will help to ensure that no plaque builds up and causes decay and damage around the brackets. Take the time to work around the surface of each tooth.

    Floss Daily

    Floss at least once each day with orthodontic floss , which is specially designed to clean the spaces between the teeth and archwires. If you are having trouble flossing your teeth during treatment, speak with your orthodontist to learn some helpful techniques.

    Use a Fluoride Toothpaste

    Use fluoride toothpaste for brushing your teeth. Fluoride protects the enamel on the surface of the teeth from decay. When brushing, use one of the many toothpaste products that contain fluoride to strengthen your teeth.

    In addition to the above steps, follow the guidance and recommendations of your orthodontic team carefully. Depending on the course of your treatment, you may be advised to avoid certain foods or prepare them in specific ways. Taking excellent care of your teeth during this important time will help to ensure that you achieve a bright, straight smile after your treatment is completed.

    If you’re looking for a terrific orthodontist on Park Avenue who offers a variety of orthodontic treatment methods, including Incognito braces and Invisalign, contact Seligman Orthodontics . Call our practice today at (888) 785-6413 for more information.