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    We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Labor Day Weekend! Take a look at these great pictures from Dr. Seligman’s special visit with Pro Surfer Bethany Hamilton!

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  • Spotlight on Incognito Braces

    If you’re worried about the look of traditional metal braces, you have many other options today when choosing to undergo orthodontic treatment. One such option is Incognito braces , which are attached to the backs of your top and bottom teeth, rendering them completely hidden when you eat, speak, and smile. They are completely customized braces to address your specific needs and offer quicker, more comfortable results with less discomfort and speech interference than traditional braces affixed to the front of your teeth.

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    Candidates for Incognito Braces
    Incognito braces can be used to correct most malocclusions. They are appropriate for patients whose tooth alignment can be corrected by traditional wire and bracket braces—if you can wear traditional braces, you can wear Incognito braces. Additionally, because they are completely hidden, Incognito braces offer patients confidence during their orthodontic treatment, especially for adults who want the benefits of orthodontic treatment without the appearance of traditional braces. No one will know you’re wearing braces, but they will be able to see your straight, confident smile once treatment is complete.

    Customizing Incognito Braces
    Using advanced 3M technology, Incognito braces are designed using a model of your mouth that is made from a dental impression and scanned into a computer. The braces are made to fit only your mouth and encourage tooth movement in the most efficient manner. This allows you to achieve a straighter smile with more speed and comfort than traditional braces.

    Seligman Orthodontics  on Park Avenue is one of New York’s premier providers of 3M Incognito braces. If you’re considering braces but worried about smiling while you have them, schedule an appointment with Dr. David Seligman to find out why you can stop worrying today. For more information, visit us on the Web or call us at (888) 785-6413. 

  • A Message from Dr. David Seligman

    Modern orthodontics  have come a long way to facilitate comfortable treatment for patients. To find out what Seligman Orthodontics has to offer you, check out this video.

    This video features Dr. Seligman speaking about his vision to help people view orthodontics in a positive light. Seligman Orthodontics believes in “faces not braces,” and you’ll learn how this means never extracting teeth unless absolutely necessary and offering a wide range of braces options. To learn more about Seligman Orthodontics’ vision, watch the full video.

    At Seligman Orthodontics , we focus on the needs of the patient by providing professional and personalized treatment. Visit our friendly office today to get the best information and treatment to improve your smile. Check us out online or call (888) 785-6413 to schedule an appointment. 

  • What to Expect from Your First Visit to Your Orthodontist

    During your first visit to the orthodontist , you should be prepared to provide medical information as well as undergo some diagnostic exams. Your orthodontist will gather the facts about your current oral health and orthodontic needs to evaluate the best treatment options for you.

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    Introductions and Information
    Upon stepping in the door, you will likely be given a tour of the office and introduced to the orthodontic team responsible for your treatment, including your orthodontist. You will be asked to provide your dental and health information to create a better picture of your personal needs during treatment. You will also be given information about the process that will be used to evaluate your treatment needs.

    Diagnostics and Scans
    Your orthodontist needs a model of your mouth in order to design a treatment plan suited to you. Although some patients’ needs still require dental impressions, most patients can undergo fast and easy advanced three-dimensional cone-beam-imaging procedures. Your orthodontist will also take x-rays and photographs for a complete picture of your current tooth and skeletal health.

    Treatments and Expectations
    Once your orthodontist has evaluated your condition, you will be shown a computer simulation of what you can expect during orthodontic treatment. You will be given all of your treatment options, including which  braces  and other orthodontic appliances may be appropriate for your needs. Your orthodontist will be happy to discuss treatment type and length, financing options, and any other questions or concerns you may have.

    At  Seligman Orthodontics  of Park Avenue, we strive to provide you with all of the information you need to choose the most effective and comfortable orthodontic treatment to suit your needs. We offer the most advanced diagnostic tools and a wide range of braces options, including hidden Incognito braces, to facilitate your treatment. To find out more, visit us online or call (888) 785-6413 today.