• How to Make the Most Out of Your Orthodontic Treatment

    After you have invested time and money in quality orthodontic treatment and finally achieved the smile you have always wanted, keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful should be a huge priority. Failing to take care of your teeth after treatment can ruin the smile you worked hard to achieve. Here’s how to get the most out of your orthodontic treatment:

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    Practice Good Oral Hygiene Techniques During Treatment
    Brushing and flossing with  braces or orthodontic appliances  can be difficult, but it is essential in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy during treatment. Inadequate oral hygiene while wearing braces can lead to stains on tooth enamel or periodontal disease, which can ultimately lead to tooth loss. Brushing both around and behind your brackets is important. Food particles and plaque tend to build up with greater ease around orthodontic appliances, so extra care should be taken with everyday cleaning. Flossing can be especially tricky; using a flossing aid can be helpful.

    Follow Your Orthodontist’s Instructions After Treatment
    Failing to properly care for your teeth after orthodontic treatment can be just as bad as poor hygiene during treatment. Good oral care after treatment includes wearing any retainers or appliances and keeping appliances clean. Flossing can be difficult after orthodontic care, as the spacing between teeth is often changed. However, tighter spacing can be a haven for bacteria, making thorough flossing all the more important. It is important to not only maintain routine cleaning habits, but to also visit your dentist and orthodontist regularly for follow-up appointments.

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  • What Are the Early Signs of Orthodontic Problems?

    Orthodontic problems can lead to complications in your overall oral health. Identifying orthodontic issues early on is tremendously helpful in maximizing the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment .

    Crowded or overlapping teeth, gaps between the teeth , poor alignment, and an extreme overbite or underbite are just some of the signs that you may need orthodontic care. If you have concerns or doubts, check with an experienced orthodontist. To learn more about the signs of orthodontic problems, watch this video.

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  • Dr. David Seligman Featured in the Orthodontic Practice Journal

    Dr. Seligman was recently featured in the Orthodontic Practice Journal! Take a minute to read this great article about Dr. Seligman, his practice, and his passion for what he does.

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  • Common Orthodontic Terms You Need to Know

    Orthodontic treatment is a great way to make your smile more attractive and ultimately healthier. With the advancements made in orthodontic care, conventional braces are no longer the only way to correct misaligned teeth. When establishing a treatment plan with your orthodontist, it is important to know your options as well as common orthodontic terms. Here are a few common orthodontic terms you should know:

    Dental braces

    Appliance:  An appliance is any device your orthodontist attaches to your teeth in order to move your teeth or shape your jaw. This includes traditional braces, retainers, headgear, or Incognito Braces.

    Archwire:  The archwire is the wire which runs through the brackets in braces. Your orthodontist will adjust the tension of the archwire in order to help move your teeth into place.

    Chain:  The chain is a set of plastic rings used to hold the archwire in place.

    Ectopic Eruption:  Ectopic eruption is an  orthodontic term  used to describe teeth that “erupt,” or grow, into the gum line in an abnormal position or at an abnormal location.

    Fixed Appliance:  Fixed appliances are appliances that are indefinitely applied to a person’s mouth. Fixed retainers are among the most common types of fixed appliances.

    Incognito Braces:  Incognito Braces are braces that are attached to the back of a patient’s teeth. Incognito Braces are well-hidden and are ideal for people who suffer from mild malocclusions.

    Invisalign:  Invisalign is a set of clear, plastic appliances used as an alternative to braces. Invisalign trays are virtually invisible and do not need to be worn at all times.

    Panoramic X-Ray or Radiography:  Panoramic x-rays are radiographs taken from a camera rotating around a patient’s head. They provide your orthodontist with a comprehensive look at your teeth and jaw.

    Wax:  Dental wax is used to prevent your braces from irritating your cheeks or gums. It is generally applied at the patient’s discretion.

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