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    People of all ages can benefit from orthodontic care for a straighter smile. At Seligman Orthodontics , we will customize a treatment plan to ensure you or your child receives care that’s convenient for you and your pocketbook. Call us today to set up an appointment at (212) 988-8235 or visit us on the web. Take a look at these resources to learn more about the benefits of orthodontic treatment: 

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    • As an adult seeking orthodontic treatment, you should talk to your orthodontist about Invisalign. Discover the advantages of Invisalign and at the official Invisalign website.
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    • Did you know that a perfect bite can improve the look of your face ? Check out this article from Colgate.com to find out how orthodontics can improve your smile and your appearance.
    • After your child’s braces come off, you may be hesitant to pay more for continued orthodontic care . Take a look at this information on KidsHealth.org to find out why your child needs a retainer after braces. 

  • If You Recognize Any of These Early Warning Signs In Your Child, Schedule a Consultation With Dr. David Seligman

    For children, early orthodontic treatment can be the key to a lifelong healthy smile. Braces can shape your child’s facial and jaw development, ensuring the teeth have enough room to create an ideal smile. Early treatment ensures that future problems can be minimized or even completely mitigated. If you notice any of the following warning signs, don’t hesitate to schedule your child’s first orthodontic visit  to address his needs as soon as possible.


    Difficulty Chewing or Talking
    Misaligned teeth and jaws don’t fit together properly. Malocclusions hinder your child’s ability to bite, chew, and even speak properly. Your child may have a speech impediment and frequently bite the tongue or inside of his cheek. He may hold food a certain way to make biting and chewing easier. If you notice any of these signs, contact an orthodontist for an evaluation of your child’s teeth.

    Visual Indications
    A visual inspection of your child’s teeth can help identify the need for orthodontic care. Protruding or crooked teeth are signs that you should consult an orthodontist. Also consider the shape of your child’s jaw and facial features. You may be able to see that his jaw is not properly shaped or aligned and that this feature does not fit with the rest of his face. Orthodontic treatment will help correct this issue and ensure his teeth and jaws align as they should.

    Detrimental Habits
    Some children suffer from habits such as prolonged thumb sucking or tooth grinding. While thumb sucking is perfectly safe for young children, this habit can cause orthodontic problems if it persists past the age of six. Similarly, tooth grinding may be an indication that the teeth do not mesh as they should, and treatment is needed to avoid wear and pain due in the future.

    Early orthodontic treatment can have your child smiling brightly and without worry. Call Seligman Orthodontics of Park Avenue at (212) 988-8235 to schedule a consultation. You can discover more about dental health and orthodontic care on our website. 

  • How Straight Teeth Can Improve Your Overall Health and Wellbeing

    Crooked teeth are not just unattractive—they can be harmful to your health. If you’re one of the 74% of American adults affected by misaligned teeth, consider Invisalign treatment for a healthier and more appealing smile.

    This video explains how crooked teeth are more difficult to keep clean, even with daily oral care. This can lead to periodontal disease, which threatens the health of your teeth and even your body.  Crooked tooth alignment also leads to premature wear and a smile you may be reluctant to share with the world.

    Invest in your health and your confident smile today with Invisalign and other orthodontic treatment options by calling Seligman Orthodontics on Park Avenue at (212) 988-8235. We offer a variety of affordable and comfortable orthodontic options to fit your needs. Click on our website for more information. 

  • Thinking About Getting Braces? Here is Why You Should Consider the Insignia Treatment

    Insignia orthodontic treatment offers you a custom-tailored experience from start to finish. These specially designed braces take into account every aspect of your unique smile to offer faster, more comfortable treatment. If you’re thinking of getting braces, be sure to  discuss Insignia with your orthodontist . Here are a few reasons why you should consider this extraordinary treatment:

    Insignia Is Personalized
    Insignia braces offer personalized treatment at every level. Your dentist will utilize computer and imaging software to show you exactly how your orthodontic needs will be addressed. The movement of each tooth will be calculated and maximized to help you get the most out of your treatment. Since your exact needs are incorporated into your treatment, Insignia braces deliver an optimized and customized orthodontic experience.

    Insignia Is Comfortable
    Since your Insignia braces are designed to the exact specifications of your mouth, they are extremely easy and comfortable to wear. The movements of your teeth are calculated precisely for the best treatment plan possible, ensuring your comfort during your orthodontic treatment. A customized fit to your mouth and high-quality braces materials mean a positive and smooth experience from start to finish.

    Insignia Is Faster
    The advanced Insignia software calculates the most effective orthodontic treatment plan for your teeth. This means that you will spend less time in braces and have fewer visits with your orthodontist over the course of your treatment. This saves you time and money while achieving the best possible result from your braces experience. Whether you’re looking to correct your teeth as an adult or minimize your time in braces as a teen, Insignia is the right treatment option for you. A faster treatment means you’ll be ready to show your new, straighter smile to the world much sooner.

    Are you interested in how Insignia braces can improve your orthodontic experience? Talk to Dr. David Seligman of Seligman Orthodontics today about your braces options. Call (212) 988-8235 to schedule your consultation or visit us on the web to find out more about how orthodontics can benefit your smile. 

  • These Resources Will Provide You With More Information About Orthodontic Treatment For You Or Your Child

    Orthodontic treatment can be comfortable and easy for children and adults. Call  Seligman  Orthodontics  at (212) 988-8235 to schedule a consultation and find out how orthodontic treatment can create a healthy and confident smile. Visit our website for more information on our Park Avenue office and our current promotions. 

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  • Tips for Dealing with the Cost of Braces

    Orthodontic care provides you with a healthier, straighter smile. However, many patients and parents worry about the cost of braces and other treatments. Orthodontic treatment is an important investment in your future health—that’s why  Seligman Orthodontics  is prepared to help you pay for your treatment. Here are some tips to get you started:

    Dental Forms

    Determine Insurance Benefits
    If you have existing insurance or a flexible spending account , check the fine print to find out which treatment options are covered and how. In some cases, you may be able to purchase orthodontic insurance to help cover the cost of your braces. Also talk to your orthodontist about how your insurance plan will be handled. Some offices will bill your provider directly, while others will provide you with the paperwork to receive reimbursement after treatment.

    Explore Loans and Payment Plans
    Your orthodontist may offer in-house payment plans to help you manage the cost of care. These plans require a down payment, after which you pay off the rest of your treatment over time. CareCredit is a company that issues a credit card specifically for dental and medical treatments. After you have been approved, you can use your CareCredit card to pay for treatment and receive a monthly bill from the company, as with any other credit card. Many families also consider a bank loan to help finance the initial cost of braces.

    Consider Your Options
    Talking to your orthodontist about the treatment needed and the cost will help you understand your options. In some cases, alternative and more affordable care may be possible. Remember that investing in your smile now will benefit you for life, and that your orthodontist has your best interests in mind. In many cases, your orthodontist can devise an effective treatment plan at an affordable cost to ensure you get the care you need without facing financial hardship.

    Discuss your payment options today by calling Seligman Orthodontics at (212) 988-8235. We offer a range of treatment plans and will work with you to find the option that is right for you. Visit us on the web to learn more about Insignia, Invisalign, and all your braces options

  • How to Pay for Your Orthodontic Treatment

    Orthodontic care is a valuable investment in your future health. When it comes to paying for treatment , there are a number of options. Check out this video to learn more.

    Talk to your orthodontist about in-house financing options. This allows you to make a down payment on your braces and then continue paying a monthly sum throughout your treatment.  You can also explore third-party financing options, which include talking to your bank about a loan or utilizing CareCredit financing. CareCredit offers a credit card specifically for medical and dental treatment, allowing you to make payments as you would with any other credit card.

    Check with your orthodontist at Seligman Orthodontics about financing your orthodontic treatment. We will work with you to ensure you can comfortably afford the treatment you need. Call (212) 988-8235 or visit our website to contact us via our convenient online form. 

  • Why More Adults Are Getting Braces Today Than Ever Before

    As an adult, you may think that your smile has already settled into its permanent form. However,  orthodontic treatment is for everyone , young and old. Any smile can be corrected, even well into adulthood. Your orthodontist has a number of easy and discrete options to minimize the impact of braces on your adult life. Here are a few reasons why adults are getting braces:

    beautiful girl wearing braces

    It’s Healthy
    Braces straighten your smile, which means they make it healthier as well. Straighter teeth are easier to clean, helping you to more effectively prevent tooth decay and gum disease. A significant portion of the adult population suffers from gum disease, which can ultimately lead to lost teeth and significant health issues. Investing in a straighter smile at any age lowers your risk of these complications and ensures great overall health.

    It Looks Good
    Making over your smile can help you get further in life. Straighter teeth and a healthy smile can make you look years younger. When you smile and speak with confidence, it makes a great first impression. Many adults are choosing to improve their smiles to both advance their careers and ensure they love what they see in the mirror. Additionally, your orthodontist can offer discrete options such as Invisalign, Damon braces, and incognito braces that fit behind your teeth. You won’t have to worry about the stigma of being an adult with braces, because no one will know you have them.

    It’s Easy
    Orthodontic treatment has become more advanced and easier than ever.  You can enjoy the benefits of orthodontic treatment with faster, more comfortable, and less time-consuming treatments than ever before. Fewer months spent in treatment and fewer visits to your orthodontist will save you time and money while getting you the results you want for a beautiful smile.

    Find out more of the great benefits that can be yours with adult orthodontic treatment from Seligman Orthodontics. Dr. Seligman will design a customized treatment plan to suit your exact needs. Call our Park Avenue office at (212) 988-8235 or click on our website to learn about our offers and promotions today.