• Invisalign Teen Patient Testimonial

    Who says that teens who need braces have to choose metal brackets and wires? Invisalign Teen offers the perfect solution for busy teenagers who want straighter teeth but hate the idea of wearing traditional braces. In this video, you’ll hear what wearing Invisalign Teen is like firsthand from a patient.

    The fact that Invisalign aligners are virtually undetectable is a big advantage, but for teen patients, the fact that they are removable may be even more important. The teen patient in the video appreciates being able to remove Invisalign to sing. Fixed, metal brackets can also be an issue for teens who play sports or musical instruments. Watch this video to find out more about the advantages of Invisalign Teen.

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  • A Look at the Uses and Benefits of Insignia Braces

    If you’re considering orthodontic treatment to achieve a straighter smile, Insignia braces could be the answer for you. The Insignia system delivers predicable, reliable results because the treatment is designed specifically for you. This revolutionary system combines cutting-edge technology with your orthodontist’s skill to help you achieve a beautiful smile. Is Insignia right for you? Here is what you need to know.


    What Are Insignia Braces?
    The Insignia system consists of metal brackets and wires that are custom-made for you. Because the braces are custom-designed, your orthodontist can map extremely precise tooth movement based on the anatomy of your mouth. Thanks to the accuracy of the system, patients typically require fewer maintenance visits during treatment than they do with traditional braces.

    What Happens During Treatment?
    At your first appointment to get Insignia braces, your orthodontist will take an impression of your mouth. That impression is sent to the Insignia Smile Design Lab, where imaging software is used to create a 3D image of your bite. That image is used to design a set of brackets and wires that will fit your teeth perfectly and help you achieve the right positioning for your mouth shape and size. Periodically, your orthodontist will track your progress and make any necessary adjustments to coax your teeth into the perfect positions.

    What Are The Benefits of Insignia Braces?
    Since Insignia braces are completely personalized, they offer unmatched comfort during treatment. This personalization also means that patients can often achieve their desired results faster. In fact, with Insignia, treatment time may be reduced by 25 to 40 percent.

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  • Oral Malocclusion: Overbite

    An overbite is a very common type of oral malocclusion. It is essential to seek treatment if you have an overbite. Left unchecked, overbites can cause speech impediments, digestive problems, and soft tissue damage. Overbites also increase the odds of tooth decay and other oral health problems, since they can make brushing and flossing effectively more difficult.

    In patients with an overbite, the upper teeth excessively cover over the lower teeth. This is caused by an imbalance of size between the horizontal and vertical plane between the upper and lower jaws. Although patients are most likely to think of overbites as protrusions, what orthodontists evaluate is how much the upper teeth cover the lower teeth. If your orthodontist says you have a 100 percent overbite, it means that your upper teeth completely cover your lower teeth.

    Woman with Braces

    Overbites are easy to fix with braces, and the result is a new, balanced smile. If you have an overbite, make an appointment with Dr. David Seligman at Seligman Orthodontics. You can reach our Park Avenue office by calling (212) 988-8235

  • Your Guide to the Damon System

    The Damon System delivers beautiful smiles and so much more. This revolutionary braces system is something completely new. Patients experience comfortable treatment, great results, and renewed self-confidence. Only an orthodontist can say for sure if the Damon System is right for you, but here is what you need to know about the advantages of this orthodontic treatment system.

    9-13-2013 3-26-08 PM

    What Is the Damon System?
    The Damon System may look like traditional metal brackets and wires on the surface, but the actual treatment approach is much different. Instead of relying on tooth removal and palate expanders to create space for tooth alignment, the Damon System uses a light touch to guide your teeth into position. There are no wires or ties, so there are no tightening appointments required. The Damon System offers the same straightening as metal braces, but treatment is more comfortable.

    What Are the Benefits of the Damon System?
    Comfort is one of the biggest advantages of using the Damon System . Another benefit is speed of treatment. Patients using the Damon System usually achieve their desired results faster than those wearing traditional braces, thanks to the shape-memory wires. Dental hygiene is also easier with Damon braces, since there are no ties to trap food and plaque.

    How Will My Smile Look After Treatment with the Damon System?
    Traditional braces effectively straighten teeth, but sometimes the resulting smile doesn’t appear as natural as it could. Removing teeth and using palate expanders can leave patients with a flatter mouth. The Damon System widens the dental arches, which gives the face a lift and allows for a wider, natural smile that blends seamlessly with facial characteristics.

    Discover the difference of the Damon System for yourself. Make an appointment for a consultation today at Seligman Orthodontics . Dr. David Seligman was one of the first orthodontists in the U.S. to use the Damon System and is one of the top providers in the country for this kind of orthodontic care. You can reach our Park Avenue office at (212) 988-8235 to make an appointment. 

  • A Look at Incognito Hidden Braces

    Do you wish you had straighter teeth but dread the thought of wearing metal brackets and wires? If so, Incognito Hidden Braces could be the solution for you. These braces are comfortably fitted to the backs of your teeth so you get the smile you want without anyone knowing you’re getting orthodontic treatment.

    This video explains how Incognito Hidden Braces work and the benefits of choosing this method of teeth straightening. The brackets of these braces hug the curves of your teeth, so they won’t affect your speech. Patients who choose Incognito Hidden Braces report complete satisfaction with the process and results.

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  • Why Orthodontic Treatment Is Not Just for Children and Teens

    When most people think of orthodontic treatment, they think of teenagers with mouths full of metal. In reality, the field of orthodontics has changed dramatically. The days in which braces were reserved for children and teens are long gone. Now, nearly half of people who get braces are adults. Even senior citizens are getting braces in ever increasing numbers. Why is post-adolescent orthodontic treatment catching on? Consider these facts:

    Portrait of a happy black girl with braces

    More Treatment Options
    Many adults are hesitant to wear metal braces, particularly if their jobs involve public speaking or sales. Now, they don’t have to worry. You can get straighter teeth and the smile you’ve always wanted without anyone even knowing that you’re receiving orthodontic care. With options like Invisalign and Incognito Hidden Braces, getting orthodontic treatment has become much more appealing to many adults.

    Improved Dental Health
    Research has shown that there is a link between misaligned teeth and dental problems. Teeth that are crowded and crooked are harder to brush and floss, which ups the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Getting orthodontic treatment to correct misaligned teeth allows adults to better preserve their dental health as they age.

    Increased Self-Confidence
    There is no age limit on the confidence that comes from having a great smile. Adults who finally fix smiles they’ve been hiding away for years often experience a boost in their social and professional lives. Straightening crooked teeth can also shave years off of a person’s appearance.

    If you’re an adult who is considering orthodontic treatment, what are you waiting for? Make an appointment with Dr. David Seligman and learn about all of the treatment options available to you. To receive care at one of the top orthodontic practices in NYC, call Seligman Orthodontics today at (212) 988-8235.

  • What Is Pseudo Class III?

    Pseudo Class III refers to a function of habit rather than a hereditary abnormality of the teeth and jaws . This condition often occurs when an individual’s bite habits cause the teeth to be misaligned, causing the lower teeth to bite forward and giving the upper teeth the appearance of a Class III—or those orthodontic problems caused by genetic factors such as a poorly developed lower jaw.

    Pseudo Class III malocclusions can be corrected through interceptive treatment. This means that you will want to have your child assessed while they still have a mix of both primary and permanent teeth, as this will help your orthodontist identify problems before they can lead to permanent tooth loss, facial growth, and airway structure.

    Real People: Head Shoulders Smiling Caucasian Teenage Girls Sisters Twins

    Get the facts regarding the different types and classes of oral malocclusions by contacting  Dr. David Seligman  in New York City at (212) 988-8235. Our Park Avenue orthodontist offers Invisalign, the Damon System, Insignia braces, and Incognito braces. 

  • How to Finance Your Orthodontic Treatment

    Many individuals think that orthodontic treatment is simply a cosmetic expense, but failing to treat oral malocclusions during the early stages can actually cost you a lot more down the road. This article will take a look at some of the ways in which you may consider financing your orthodontic treatment .

    Couple in living room using laptop

    Loan Products
    When turning to your savings is not an option, you may consider financing your orthodontic treatment using a loan product, such as a traditional credit card or a personal loan. These may be obtained through credit unions, banks, and other major financial institutions at competitive rates and manageable monthly payments to fit your individual needs.

    Healthcare Credit Cards
    Did you know that there are credit cards designed specifically for healthcare services? CareCredit™ is a healthcare credit card that provides coverage for a wide variety of services, including dentistry. This healthcare credit card not only makes it easier to obtain necessary and cosmetic dental procedures, but can also help you and your family obtain the orthodontic treatment you need to maintain a healthy smile.

    Flexible Spending Accounts
    Some individuals choose to use money from their Flexible Spending Account or FSA to pay for orthodontic treatment. According to the  American Association of Orthodontics , an FSA may now be used to pay the entire fee for orthodontic treatment if you don’t have insurance, up to the annual cap of 2,500 dollars.

    Payment Plans
    You may consider asking your orthodontist if they offer payment plans if you are unable to obtain a loan or if you do not have the savings needed to finance your treatment.

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