• Reasons to Trust an Orthodontist with Your Smile

    When most people think of teeth, they think of dentists. However, while dentists do a wonderful job of helping you maintain strong teeth and gums and treating any associated health woes, they’re not the best team for helping you tackle problems with your bite. For issues like crooked or misaligned teeth, ask your dentist to refer you to the expert care of an orthodontist . Here are just a few of the reasons why your smile is in great hands when you choose an orthodontist for treatment of malocclusions. 

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    Specialty Training
    There is a reason why your primary care physician refers you to a cardiologist if you have a heart problem or an endocrinologist if you have diabetes. He or she wants you to get care from someone who has specialized education and training in the problem you’re having, so you get the best treatment results possible. The same goes for orthodontic care. Your dentist will refer you to an orthodontist if you have tooth or jaw alignment issues because orthodontists have that specialized background. Orthodontists all go to dental school, but they continue on for two additional years of orthodontic education .

    Precision Bite Care
    Your bite is a very complicated thing. Your entire mouth of 32 teeth, jawbones, gums, and muscles must all line up just right for you to have a smile that not only looks good, but that doesn’t cause any kind of chronic pain. Orthodontics is about more than moving teeth so that they are straight. With an orthodontist on the case, you can rest assured that you’re getting care from someone who understands exactly how the components of your mouth work together.

    Up-To-Date Knowledge
    Because orthodontists are specialists in their field, they are likely to keep up with the latest advances in care. You can’t count on a non-specialist to do that. For cutting-edge care, trust your orthodontic care to an expert.

    At Seligman Orthodontics, we deliver that specialist care to all of our patients. Let us show you how we can help you get the smile you desire by making an appointment at our Park Avenue orthodontic office . You can reach us by calling (646) 681-8519.


  • You Deserve a Beautiful Smile!

    Do you think a beautiful smile is out of your reach? Think again! Everyone deserves a smile that they can be proud of, and thanks to modern dental and orthodontic technology, everyone can have one. This video explains more. 

    A gorgeous smile is great for your self-esteem, but it is about more than that. Straight teeth are healthy teeth. When your teeth are straight, they’re easier to brush and floss, and you’ll have fewer issues with pain from bite problems and decay.

    Few people are born with perfect teeth, but at Seligman Orthodontics, we can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Our Park Avenue orthodontic practice offers a comprehensive range of treatments, so we’re sure to have the answer for you. Find out more by visiting our website or calling (646) 681-8519. 

  • Tips for Cleaning Your Teeth with Braces

    When you’re wearing braces, it becomes even more important to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly. Food debris and plaque easily becomes trapped in the many crevices of your brackets. Orthodontists often recommend using a floss threader to make it easier to floss with braces. A floss threader can help you maneuver the floss under the archwire. Remember to apply the floss to both sides of each tooth.

    Watch this video for more helpful tips on maintaining your oral hygiene while undergoing orthodontic treatment. You’ll learn which type of toothbrush you should use and when you should call your orthodontist about possible problems with your braces.

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