A Guide to Invisalign for Teens in the School Band

Having metal braces can be an uncomfortable time for teens, especially those who play instruments in the school band. Fortunately, there is a better solution! At Seligman Orthodontics, our Park Avenue Orthodontists offer Invisalign for teens. Continue reading to learn more about how Invisalign works and why it might be right for your teen.

How Does Invisalign Work? best orthodontist invisalign Park Avenue

Invisalign works by utilizing a series of custom-made aligner trays to straighten teeth slowly over time. The aligner trays are made of a smooth plastic that is worn over teeth and is nearly invisible when worn. By changing out the trays every 2 weeks, Invisalign gently straightens teeth without permanent orthodontia.

What are the Differences Between Traditional Braces and Invisalign?

Traditional braces have metal brackets that attach to the teeth and wires that are tightened to achieve straighter teeth. Unlike highly visible metal braces, Invisalign offers a virtually invisible solution, and is just as effective. Teens with metal braces have a long list of foods they are not allowed to eat. Invisalign does not have any of these restrictions since the aligners can be removed, and oral care of brushing and flossing can continue as normal. The length of time for treatment is generally about the same length for both treatments.

Why is Invisalign Ideal for Teens in the School Band?

Having braces as a teen can be particularly challenging when it comes to playing an instrument. Having braces, and then having them removed, can affect tone quality and endurance for teens playing brass instruments. Extra condensation in the mouth can result from braces, making it troublesome for woodwind musicians. Alternatively, with Invisalign, teens will be able to continue to play instruments without braces getting in the way.

In addition to offering the latest technology available in orthodontics, Dr. David Seligman offers Invisalign in NYC , making it easy for your teen to get a straight and healthy smile! To learn more about braces versus Invisalign for your teen, call (646) 681-3086 to schedule a consultation at with the Park Avenue orthodontist at Seligman Orthodontics.

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