Damon Braces & Damon Clear Braces

Damon Braces & Clear Damon Braces in Park Avenue

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Have you been held back from seeking orthodontic treatment because of the discomfort often associated with braces? If you are hesitant to seek treatment based on these factors, or you simply want to seek more effective orthodontic care, you might consider treatment with Damon Braces, which can change the way you think about orthodontics. Dr. David Seligman of New York City’s Seligman Orthodontics, PLLC, proudly offers Damon Braces to shorten treatment timelines with more desirable results. Below, you can learn what exactly Damon Braces may offer to your orthodontic treatment for a straighter, more beautiful smile.

Advantages of Damon Braces

Damon Braces have a more compact, streamlined design to improve the comfort and results of treatment. The need for elastic or metal ties is eliminated, since Damon Braces are passive and self-ligating. The innovative design of the Damon System creates a positive treatment experience with the following perks.

  • Smaller, Lighter Braces – The slide mechanism of Damon Braces holds the shape-memory wire in place, so there are no elastic ties that create extra friction and discomfort. The absence of elastic dies also reduces dental plaque to make maintenance simpler during orthodontic care.
  • Fewer Adjustments and Shorter Treatment – Not only is the treatment timeline with Damon shorter, but there are also fewer adjustments required thanks to the specially designed wires that move teeth faster.
  • Enhancement of Facial Aesthetics – Extractions and rapid palatal expanders are not needed for more dynamic treatment that enhances the facial shape while straightening the teeth. The Damon System aims to produce more natural smiles that create overall improvement in facial aesthetics.
Damon Clear Braces

For many adult and teen patients, the visibility of orthodontic treatment is an important factor. Fortunately, Damon Braces offer the option of clear brackets to keep treatment more discreet. Damon Clear is just as effective as metal Damon brackets, and they are difficult to notice unless seen from very close up.

Damon vs. Traditional Braces

In addition to the clinical and aesthetic advantages of Damon Braces, patients can enjoy the cost-effectiveness of this unique system. The exact cost of your care will vary depending on the complexity of your individual case, but the cost of Damon Braces is often comparable to that of conventional braces.

You do not have to settle for crooked teeth or a misaligned smile. Under the care of Dr. David Seligman, you can expect the most sophisticated orthodontic care for children, adults, and teens in New York City. To schedule an initial consultation in our Park Avenue office, call (212) 988-8235