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How to Make the Most Out of Your Orthodontic Treatment

Sep 28 2012

After you have invested time and money in quality orthodontic treatment and finally achieved the smile you have always wanted, keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful should be a huge priority. Failing to take care of your teeth after treatment…

What Are the Early Signs of Orthodontic Problems?

Sep 23 2012

Orthodontic problems can lead to complications in your overall oral health. Identifying orthodontic issues early on is tremendously helpful in maximizing the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment . Crowded or overlapping teeth, gaps between the teeth , poor alignment, and an…

Dr. David Seligman Featured in the Orthodontic Practice Journal

Sep 14 2012

Dr. Seligman was recently featured in the Orthodontic Practice Journal! Take a minute to read this great article about Dr. Seligman, his practice, and his passion for what he does.

Common Orthodontic Terms You Need to Know

Sep 13 2012

Orthodontic treatment is a great way to make your smile more attractive and ultimately healthier. With the advancements made in orthodontic care, conventional braces are no longer the only way to correct misaligned teeth. When establishing a treatment plan with…

Want To Know More About Orthodontic Treatment? Take A Look At These Great Webpages

Sep 08 2012

Put your best smile forward with the latest in orthodontic treatments. To find out more about your treatment options, check out these links: Find out about expectations and maintenance after your braces come off on the 3M website. Are you…