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Answers to Patient Questions About Damon Braces

Feb 16 2016

As orthodontic technology advances, there are more and more alternatives to metal braces available to individuals considering Park Avenue braces . The Damon System of braces is a newer choice presented to patients that offers a more comfortable solution. Below…

What Adults Need to Know About Wearing Braces

Feb 04 2016

Achieving the smile you have been dreaming of since you were a child can become a reality today. With advances in dentistry, you now have a variety of adult braces options to choose from. From Invisalign to Incognito braces, you…

The Speedy Way to a Better Smile

Feb 01 2016

How you feel about your smile shows to the world how you feel about yourself. If you are looking to enhance your smile so the world can see your inner confidence shine, there is a speedy way to get the…