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Spotlight on Aesthetic Braces

Jul 17 2014

Orthodontics has progressed from just traditional metal braces. Though this treatment option may be optimal for some patients, many people seeking straighter teeth hope to do so without conspicuous care. To address these needs, top orthodontists can now provide aesthetic…

Tips for Helping Your Teen Adjust to Braces

Jul 13 2014

Braces are hardly an experience that only a few teenagers undergo. Despite the number of teens who get orthodontic treatment, though, some recipients may become hesitant at the thought of how braces can change their look and lifestyle. As a…

How Orthodontists Are Making Care Easier for Kids and Parents

Jul 02 2014

Top orthodontists can make braces fun for kids. This video reports on how new aesthetic features allow children to express their personalities through orthodontics. Traditional orthodontics typically entailed the use of clear bands and flesh-colored retainers. However, now kids can…