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Reasons to Trust an Orthodontist with Your Smile

Mar 21 2014

When most people think of teeth, they think of dentists. However, while dentists do a wonderful job of helping you maintain strong teeth and gums and treating any associated health woes, they’re not the best team for helping you tackle…

You Deserve a Beautiful Smile!

Mar 13 2014

Do you think a beautiful smile is out of your reach? Think again! Everyone deserves a smile that they can be proud of, and thanks to modern dental and orthodontic technology, everyone can have one. This video explains more. A…

Tips for Cleaning Your Teeth with Braces

Mar 06 2014

When you’re wearing braces, it becomes even more important to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly. Food debris and plaque easily becomes trapped in the many crevices of your brackets. Orthodontists often recommend using a floss threader to make it…