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Understanding Orthodontic Treatment

Mar 30 2015

Orthodontists are dental specialists who focus entirely on the correction of misaligned teeth. They receive an additional 2-3 years of orthodontic education, beyond traditional dental school. Watch this video to learn more about the importance of correcting bite or tooth…

All About Dr. Seligman’s Practice

Mar 15 2015

At Seligman Orthodontics on Park Avenue in NYC, we are committed to providing absolute excellence in orthodontic treatment. As one of the best orthodontists in NYC, Dr. Seligman has created a practice that features the most advanced technology available in…

What Adults Should Know About Orthodontic Treatment

Mar 08 2015

If you’re an adult who is not completely happy with the alignment of your smile, you should consider talking to a top orthodontist in NYC . In today’s age, virtually all the stigma that once accompanied braces is gone, and…