Best Orthodontist!

May 28, 2020

Best Orthodontist! I couldn’t have asked for a better orthodontist! I first learned about Dr. Seligman through gilt and initially I was skeptical about finding a doctor through a discount/shopping website, but I was not disappointed! I was actually pretty blown away by my experience. During my first consultation, a scan of my face was taken which allowed for Dr. Seligman to make an assessment on how my teeth should be fixed based on the bone structure of my face. It was carefully decided that Invisalign was the best option. A few days after my appointment a personal hand written letter from Dr. Seligman was sent to my apartment thanking me for choosing Seligman Orthodontics. Normally after a first appointment an email is sent or nothing at all. The hand written note adds a personal element that as a patient makes you feel like you doctor is personally invested in your health and your experience. The second appointment was when I received my first Invisalign trays. If you have ever had a retainer or invisalign, you know that the first day of wearing them is uncomfortable and painful. Knowing this, Dr. Seligman checked in to see how I was doing. Again, the personal message made me feel like I was in great hands. I would recommend Dr. Seligman to anyone who is searching for a reliable, excellent Orthodontist in Manhattan. Two huge thumbs up!