I recommend Dr. Seligman to anyone in NYC

May 28, 2020

In May 2012 my dentist sent me to an orthodontist to discuss options for my severely crowded teeth which were getting even more crowded to the point it was difficult for her to clean my teeth and impossible for me to floss. I had an unsightly snaggletooth on the top and crooked teeth on the bottom. The orthodontist came up with a 3-year plan, starting with palate expanders to be followed up with traditional braces. I searched online for alternatives and discovered the Damon Braces system which looked promising and located a Dr. Seligman near my workplace so I gave him a call to meet with him to get a second opinion. I really didn’t think he would offer much hope, but I was surprised when he told me he could take care of my crowded teeth in about half the time of the other orthodontist, and that the Damon system was designed to work in such an efficient manner that palate expansion was not necessary. I was very impressed with Dr. Seligman’s explanation and his conviction of the Damon system and decided to go with the Damon braces. I got my Damon braces on in mid June and I have to say that within the first 2 months alone it has been close to miraculous! The snaggletooth has completely gone down and into its rightful place and my bottom front teeth are already straight, with space in-between for flossing. Damon braces uses memory wire with the self-ligating brackets really are an amazing technological improvement on traditional braces. I recommend these to anyone with crowded teeth, and I recommend Dr. Seligman to anyone in NYC. He and his staff are really great, and I am so glad I got my second opinion from him! Although I have quite a few months ahead of me, I am already thrilled with the results so far. This experience so far has been a complete revelation to me in the potential for healthy and attractive teeth for older patients.