A Closer Look at the Orthodontic Process

June 11, 2013

Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dental medicine which focuses on identifying and treating abnormalities with the teeth and jaws. One of the first questions most individuals have about orthodontics is what they can expect from the overall process. This article will discuss what you can expect from the orthodontic process when working with Dr. David Seligman.


Preliminary X-Rays
When you first arrive at our office, you will be greeted by our Treatment Coordinator who will then take you on a tour of our office. You will then have preliminary records taken, such as panoramic X-rays, and cephalometric X-rays, and three dimensional cone beam CAT scan. Dr. Seligman is one of the only New York providers who offers specialized technology that allows him to take either conventional X-rays or three dimensional CAT scans with safe, low-dose radiation exposure. You will then have a series of clinical photos taken, and may require a mold or impression of your mouth.

The next step of the process is your consultation. Our treatment coordinator will take you into one of our exam rooms, where they will answer any questions, address your concerns, and take notes for Dr. Seligman so that he has the detailed information he needs. We will then show you an educational video about the Damon System and have you meet with Dr. Seligman in person to discuss any final concerns. At this time, Dr. Seligman will review your records and make a treatment recommendation based on the findings.

Initiation of Treatment
We offer a number of treatment options to choose from, including Damon brackets, Insignia, and the Invisalign system. Dr. Seligman will help you determine which of these options is best right for your needs before scheduling your appointment.

If you’re ready to straighten your teeth and boost your oral health, it may be time to consider orthodontics . Call Dr. David Seligman with Seligman Orthodontics today at (646) 681-8516 or check out our website to get started.

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