A Look at Incognito Hidden Braces

September 12, 2013

Do you wish you had straighter teeth but dread the thought of wearing metal brackets and wires? If so, Incognito Hidden Braces could be the solution for you. These braces are comfortably fitted to the backs of your teeth so you get the smile you want without anyone knowing you’re getting orthodontic treatment.

This video explains how Incognito Hidden Braces work and the benefits of choosing this method of teeth straightening. The brackets of these braces hug the curves of your teeth, so they won’t affect your speech. Patients who choose Incognito Hidden Braces report complete satisfaction with the process and results.

Seligman Orthodontics is a leading provider of Incognito Hidden Braces. To find out if this is the right treatment for you, call (646) 681-8516 to book an appointment with Dr. David Seligman at our Park Avenue orthodontic practice.

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