A Look at Some Celebrities Who Have Proudly Worn Braces

April 16, 2013

Braces and orthodontic appliances are widely associated with teens and adolescents, but that does not mean that adults cannot benefit from braces as well. In fact, a number of famous people have chosen to undergo orthodontic treatment in order to straighten their smile and even improve their job outlook. Take a closer look at the celebrities who have invested in orthodontic treatment by reading through this article.


Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise is well known for his appearances in movies such as Top Gun and Mission: Impossible. At age 39, the actor decided to fix his crooked teeth using clear braces, which he wore while filming and working on the next Mission: Impossible movies. Some say he may have even have inspired fellow actor Nicolas Cage to invest in braces, which helped him land the title role in Ghost Rider.

Faith Hill
At the age of 45, singer Faith Hill decided it was time to improve her smile after she failed to wear her retainer following orthodontic treatment as a teen. As with many other celebrities, Faith Hill decided on clear braces which were first noticed at the 2012 Country Music Association Awards, despite the fact that she had gotten them put on approximately four months prior.

Katherine Heigl
Known for her roles in Knocked Up, The Ugly Truth, and the hit show Grey’s Anatomy, actress Katherine Heigl decided to improve her smile in 2007 in preparation for her wedding. However, Heigl was still filming Grey’s Anatomy at the time, which inspired her to invest in the Invisalign system over metal or clear braces.

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