A Look at the Boom in Adults Seeking Orthodontic Treatment

May 22, 2014

Who says orthodontic treatment is just for children and teenagers? Today’s orthodontists perform a variety of procedures designed to improve both the appearance and function of the smile. Adults can benefit from these procedures , resulting in straighter, whiter, and brighter smiles that improve their health and confidence. Here is a look at the boom in adult orthodontic patients:

young woman with orthodontic braces smiling

The Numbers
It is easy to imagine that younger people make up the majority of orthodontic patients. During adolescence, orthodontic treatment can ensure that permanent teeth grow into their proper positions to provide the healthiest and most attractive smile possible. But many of today’s orthodontic patients are adults, some who have had treatment in the past and some experiencing their very first treatments. Research shows that more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment, with patients ages 18 and over accounting for 22% of orthodontic visitors in 2010.

The Reasons
Orthodontic treatment focuses on both cosmetic and functional aspects of a smile. Proper teeth positioning is essential for maintaining a healthy smile that is easy to clean and fun to show off. Some adult patients were never able to undergo orthodontic treatment during their younger years, but now have the resources to get the smiles they truly want. Other adult patients received orthodontic treatment when they were younger, but have experienced changes as they have gotten older. Modern orthodontic treatment can provide better results for these patients.

The Treatments
Adult patients typically seek orthodontic treatment to correct dental issues that affect their appearance, their health, or their oral hygiene habits. Orthodontists can provide a variety of straightening treatments that gently pull teeth into a more appropriate position, resulting in a healthier and more attractive smile. Many adult patients visit their orthodontists to learn about metal braces, Invisalign and other invisible options, and other treatments to straighten their smiles or fix age-related issues.

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