A Patient’s Guide to the Orthodontic Process at Seligman Orthodontics

October 31, 2013

The decision to embark on an orthodontic process for yourself or a child can be overwhelming. The Manhattan-based Seligman Orthotics knows that you have many options, and we aim to alleviate these worries to help you select the best treatment possible . While your unique plan may be slightly different, this is a guide to our general orthodontic plan.

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Step 1: Imaging
We begin each consultation appointment with a tour of the office and diagnostic imaging. This includes either a cephlometric X-ray or a 3D cone beam CAT scan. Both options allow our staff to fully understand the inner workings of all of your teeth while subjecting you or your child to the minimal amount of radiation exposure. Furthermore, we use state-of-the-art technology to create a full rendering of the mouth and allow our team to show you how and why Damon, Insignia, or Invisalign can help.

Step 2: Fact-Finding
Before our medical professionals recommend a particular course of treatment, we want to learn about your goals and expectations. The second step of the orthodontic process involves meeting with a Treatment Coordinator so that we can get more information about your lifestyle, preferred timeline, and aesthetic preferences. If needed, we will ask you to review an educational video about the Damon System .

Step 3: Doctor Consultation
Next, you will meet with Dr. David Seligman to go over your options. He will review your imagery as well as notes provided by the Treatment Coordinator, and recommend one or two courses of action. The doctor can then answer any further concerns about the process and estimate a time of completion.

Step 4: Implementation
After you agree on a course of action, our staff will help you schedule another appointment and embark on a journey to straight and beautiful teeth. Depending on which option you select, the next appointment may involve making a mold of your mouth and sending it away to create a custom orthodontic solution.

If you live in any of the five boroughs and are considering orthodontic treatment, look no further than the NYC office of Dr. David Seligman. Our office offers a number of invisible orthodontic treatment options , so call (646) 719-0776 today to schedule an initial consultation with Seligman Orthodontics.

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