Adolescent Care at Seligman Orthodontics

April 10, 2014

Although patients of all ages seek orthodontic care, most people still associate orthodontic treatment with adolescents. While teens are no longer the only ones wearing braces, teenagers do require special attention from their orthodontists to get the best possible outcomes. That is why adolescent patients get specialized care from our team at Seligman Orthodontics.

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What are some of the ways we ensure our teen patients get the care they need? For starters, we focus on including them in all decisions about their own care. If teens don’t feel engaged in their orthodontic treatment, they are less likely to stick to their care plan. Teens can also benefit from understanding why they are getting treatment and focusing on the great results they can achieve. At our office, we also consider teens’ cosmetic concerns about wearing braces and help them select a treatment they feel comfortable with.

At Seligman Orthodontics, each patient’s case is unique. We’re committed to helping you get everything you can from our care. Learn more or set up a visit at our Park Avenue orthodontist’s office by calling (646) 681-8519.

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