Benefits of the Damon Bracket System

November 10, 2014

Millions of patients across the country have achieved straighter, more attractive smiles with help from the Damon Braces System, a relatively new treatment option that is revolutionizing the field of orthodontics. With this system, patients can obtain not only straighter teeth but also a more desirable jawline and even secondary benefits like reducing snoring and better quality sleeping. The Damon Braces System works by quickly yet efficiently repositioning the teeth into a more uniformed alignment. Because of its versatility and its various personalized options, the system is suitable for teens and adults.

Here at Seligman Orthodontics, we enjoy working with the Damon Braces System because of all the previously mentioned benefits and because it is statistically shown to be more comfortable than conventional braces. As one of the best orthodontists in NYC, Dr. Seligman was invited to participate in the clinic trials for this revolutionary system. To hear more about how it could improve your smile, contact our Park Avenue orthodontics office today at (646) 681-3086.

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