Different Types of Retainers

November 6, 2015

If you visited a top orthodontist in NYC for braces, he probably discussed retainers with you during one of your visits. Retainers are generally the second phase of orthodontic treatment, and are often necessary once your braces have been removed. They come in a few different styles, and your orthodontist will help you choose the style that will be most helpful for your teeth.

Hawley Retainersinvisalign park avenue
Hawley retainers are the most common and recognizable style of retainers. A Hawley retainer is made of thin acrylic that is custom-molded to fit your mouth. Around the outer edge of the acrylic are wires that hold your teeth in the correct position. These retainers can be adjusted to correct your teeth as they move, and can also be customized in different colors and designs. The retainer can be easily removed to allow you to eat and care for your teeth.

Clear Plastic Retainers
Clear plastic retainers, such as Invisalign aligners , are custom-made of a flexible, transparent plastic. They fit directly over your teeth, and are virtually invisible. They have no wires, and are very comfortable. These retainers can be removed to allow you to eat and brush your teeth. If necessary, new aligners can be customized to adjust to the movement of your teeth.

Fixed Retainers
Fixed retainers are typically used on the lower front teeth. They are not removable, but you also cannot see them when you smile or talk. If your orthodontist recommends a fixed retainer, he will bond a wire to the back of your teeth. This wire can remain in place for months or years to ensure that your teeth will not revert back to their former positions. Orthodontists recommend fixed retainers when there is a high risk that the teeth will shift once braces have been removed.

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