Early Warning Signs of Orthodontic Issues

June 12, 2014

Is your child going to have to deal with orthodontic issues in the future? Today’s orthodontists are starting examinations earlier to spot issues before they become big problems. Determine if your child should visit the orthodontist by looking for these early warning signs:

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Crowded or Overlapping Teeth
Teeth should align properly in the mouth so that there is no overlapping or empty space. This ensures proper functionality when it comes to talking, chewing, and breathing. When teeth do not grow in properly, they may become crowded or overlapped. It is harder to remove food and beverage particles from crowded or overlapped teeth, leading to an increased risk of developing tooth decay.

Gaps Between the Teeth
Crowded teeth are not the only sign to look for; spaces between the teeth can also be an early warning sign of orthodontic issues. It is normal for children to have gaps between their primary teeth as these are smaller than permanent teeth and gaps make it easier for permanent teeth to grow in properly. If your child continues to have gaps after getting his permanent teeth, it may be time to visit an orthodontist.

Misalignment Between Top and Bottom Front Teeth
The top and bottom teeth should line up properly when in a resting position. This is important for maintaining a healthy bite and avoiding pain and discomfort associated with TMJ disorder. Check your child’s teeth to make sure his top and bottom front teeth are properly aligned. If they are not, schedule an appointment with an orthodontist.

Top Front Teeth That Cover More than 50% of the Bottom Teeth
The top front teeth should not be directly on top of the bottom front teeth; they should actually jut out slightly in front of the bottom teeth for a proper bite. If your child’s top front teeth cover more than 50% of his bottom teeth, meet with an orthodontist for an examination.

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