Everything You Need to Know About Orthodontics

August 26, 2013

Orthodontics refers to a specialized branch of dentistry which focuses on treating abnormalities and conditions affecting the teeth and jaws. This article will explore the uses of orthodontic treatment and the different treatment methods that are available.

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Types of Malocclusion
The field of orthodontics is designed to treat a wide variety of oral malocclusions, also known as “bad bites.” You may benefit from orthodontics if you are suffering from teeth that are overly crowded, gaps and spaces between teeth, or an overbite—in which the upper front teeth extend too far over the bottom front teeth. Orthodontic treatment can also be used to correct underbites, where the lower teeth extend pasts the front teeth; crossbites, where one or more of the upper teeth do not come down slightly in the front of the lower teeth when clenching; and misplaced midlines, in which the front top and lower teeth are not centered.

Different Treatment Options
Oral malocclusions may be treated using a number of approaches. While some individuals turn to traditional braces with metal brackets, archwires, and elastic ties, other patients prefer more advanced treatment methods such as Insignia braces, the Damon system, and Invisalign. Insignia braces are created using a computerized three-dimensional representation of your bite so that treatment can be tailored to your individual needs, resulting in more comfortable treatment and faster results. The Damon system, on the other hand, uses clear, tieless brackets and high-technology archwires to help move your teeth without friction, allowing them to be corrected quickly and much more comfortably. The Invisalign system is different than these methods as it uses a series of clear, removable aligners to straighten the teeth rather than relying on brackets and archwires.

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