Frequently Asked Questions About the Insignia Treatment

January 22, 2013

Braces remain an extremely popular choice for those who require orthodontic treatment. However, digital technology and orthodontic advances have now made it possible for patients to receive faster and more effective care for misaligned teeth. Insignia braces is a manifestation of these innovations. Though they may resemble conventional braces, Insignia braces provide an overall more positive orthodontic experience. These questions and answers can help you better understand why so many patients now choose Insignia treatment for their orthodontic needs:


Why Should I Get Insignia Braces Instead of Conventional Braces?
A frequent reason why many people avoid orthodontic care is because they don’t want to wear conventional braces for the 12 to 18 months that many treatment plans require. Since Insignia provides individualized orthodontic treatment, braces are often needed for a considerably shorter amount of time. Under some instances, Insignia braces can lessen the duration of orthodontic care by 25% or more.

How Are Insignia Braces More Effective at Correcting Misaligned Teeth?
Insignia technology takes the dental mold of each patient and enters that information into a computer program that digitizes the image. This allows an orthodontist to manipulate each tooth and determine exactly how it should shift to provide a straighter smile. By analyzing each individual tooth, the Insignia system offers a more comprehensive and personalized treatment plan that can provide better results than conventional braces.

What Are the Oral Health Considerations of Getting Insignia Braces?
Though many people get Insignia braces for a more beautiful smile, the benefits of this orthodontic treatment system go far beyond straighter teeth. When the teeth are in proper formation, it can reduce undue stress on the underlying muscles and joints in the mouth. It can also lessen the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, as crooked teeth often prohibit patients from practicing proper oral hygiene.

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