Getting Your Smile Ready for Your Big Day

January 30, 2015

You will probably pose for more pictures during your wedding than you will on any other day in your life. If you want to look your best for these mementos of your special day, you should start thinking about improving your smile now . Use the following tips to make sure your teeth and gums are camera-ready on your big day:

Straighten Your Teeth
If you have issues with crooked or crowded teeth, it could take away from the aesthetic appeal of your smile. Work closely with an orthodontist to find a teeth-straightening treatment that will help you fix these issues and get a smile that you love to show off. When you start early, this orthodontic treatment will have the desired effect and leave you with a gorgeous smile in time for your wedding.

Groom Looking At Bride With Love

Step Up Your Oral Hygiene Routine
Make your newly straightened teeth sparkle by improving your daily oral hygiene routine. Make an effort to brush your teeth twice a day and floss them once a day to keep them clean and free from cavities. You might also want to look into a teeth-whitening treatment that will help you get the brightest, whitest smile in time for your wedding.

Avoid Foods and Drinks that Might Leave Stains
In the weeks leading up to your wedding, you might want to avoid certain foods and beverages that might stain your teeth and reverse your whitening efforts. Coffee, black tea, berries, red wine, cranberry juice, and soda can all stain your teeth and ruin their aesthetic appeal. Try to avoid these foods until after your wedding so you can show off a beautiful, clear smile.

Dr. David Seligman and the staff at Seligman Orthodontics can help you get your smile ready for your wedding. As the top orthodontist in New York City , Dr. Seligman can find the right way to straighten your teeth and improve your entire smile. To learn more about our office or to schedule your next appointment, visit us online or call (646) 681-3086.

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