How Do You Know If Your Child Needs Orthodontic Treatment?

February 3, 2012

Orthodontics refers to a type of dentistry that focuses on correcting improperly positioned teeth and jaws. While a number of individuals choose to improve their smile later in life, earlier orthodontic treatment often provides for faster, more efficient results. Keep reading to learn the signs that your child may require orthodontic treatment:

One of the first ways to determine whether or not your child needs orthodontic treatment is to check for signs of a noticeable malocclusion. Also known as a “bad bite,” the phrase oral malocclusion is used to describe a number of abnormalities with the formation of the teeth and jaw. Some of the most common oral malocclusions to look out for include:

Overbite: This is when the upper teeth reach too far down past the lower teeth.
Underbite: An underbite occurs when the lower teeth extend past the upper teeth.
Open bite: When the front upper and lower teeth do not overlap, the patient has an open bite.
Crossbite: This is when the upper teeth do not fit properly into the lower teeth.
Misplaced midline: When the front center line between the upper teeth do not align with the center of the lower teeth, the patient has a misplaced midline.
Upper protrusion: This occurs when the front teeth are pushed outwards.
Your child may also require orthodontic treatment if they are suffering from spacing problems or overcrowding.

The best way to determine if your child needs orthodontic treatment is to set up an initial consultation with an orthodontist. The American Dental Association recommends that all children undergo an orthodontic evaluation by age seven while they still have a mix of both primary and permanent teeth. This will help your child’s orthodontist identify problems with jaw growth and emerging teeth early on—often decreasing the length of the treatment time.

Whether your child is interested in braces or clear braces, Dr. David Seligman with Seligman Orthodontics is here to help. We also provide Invisalign braces. Learn more about your treatment options by contacting our office at (888) 785-6413.

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