How to Handle Orthodontic Emergencies on Your Own

January 8, 2013

Chances are that you may encounter a mishap or two as you undergo orthodontic treatment. While some emergencies such as broken brackets or missing aligners require an immediate trip to the orthodontist , many minor circumstances can be resolved at home. The following information constitutes some common problems and ways to resolve them. If you find that your orthodontic emergency persists despite your efforts, be sure to consult an orthodontist for further assistance.


Tooth Ache
The goal of orthodontics is to shift the teeth into a healthier and more attractive alignment. The majority of patients experience some discomfort as their teeth move into different positions; however, many find that the discomfort subsides after the first several days of treatment. If you feel an ache from shifting teeth, try to avoid foods that may be contributing to your discomfort. You should also apply a cold compress to your cheek for a few minutes at a time to relieve pain.

Mouth Sores
Mouth sores may sometimes form from friction between your aligner or brace brackets and the inside of your lip. On average, a mouth sore will heal on its own after a few weeks; until it does, you can take certain measures to alleviate any accompanying pain. For instance, you should refrain from eating hot or salt-heavy foods that can further irritate your mouth sores. Swishing salt water in your mouth can also hasten recovery.

Cheek Abrasion
The interior lining of your mouth is delicate and may catch on metal or plastic. If you notice that your braces or aligners are causing irritation along your inner cheek, you may want to purchase orthodontic wax to place over the bracket or along the edge of your aligner. The wax will act as a barrier between your cheek and braces, allowing you to undergo treatment without further discomfort.

Seligman Orthodontics can see to it that your orthodontic experience is as comfortable and convenient as possible. For more information on our orthodontic options, including Invisalign, Insignia, and Damon braces, call our Park Avenue office today at (646) 681-8516. Dr. Seligman is standing by to provide you with effective treatment.

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