Spotlight on Aesthetic Braces

July 17, 2014

Orthodontics has progressed from just traditional metal braces. Though this treatment option may be optimal for some patients, many people seeking straighter teeth hope to do so without conspicuous care. To address these needs, top orthodontists can now provide aesthetic braces that can correct misalignment issues with subtle treatment choices.

Ceramic braces offer one alternative to metal braces. Comprised of tooth-colored ceramic brackets, this treatment option can lessen the sometimes noticeable appearance that their metal counterparts produce. Many orthodontists also provide Invisalign treatment. This teeth-straightening method does not rely on brackets and wires at all. Instead, clear plastic aligners shift teeth into their proper placement. In many cases, Invisalign treatment is so inconspicuous that it is nearly invisible to others. Individuals who receive this type of care can even remove their aligners while brushing, flossing, and eating to prevent instances of cavities, gum disease, and stuck food particles that may hinder a beautiful smile.

Are you a candidate for ceramic braces or Invisalign care? To find out, call Seligman Orthodontics at (646) 681-8519. Dr. David Seligman can provide a consultation at our NYC office to determine your orthodontic treatment options.

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