The Benefits of Choosing Seligman Orthodontics

July 9, 2013

Choosing the right orthodontist for your treatment is a crucial part of getting the results you want. Of course you want an orthodontist who is well-trained and has a proven track record, but it is equally important that your orthodontist embraces the latest technologies and is constantly updating his treatment approaches. In addition, you should choose an orthodontic practice where you feel welcomed by staff and comfortable expressing your questions and concerns. At Seligman Orthodontics, you get all of these things and more. Here are just some of the advantages of choosing our NYC practice .


New Approach to Orthodontics
Orthodontics used to be all about straightening teeth for a better-looking smile. Although achieving a gorgeous grin is still a part of orthodontics, the field has evolved. We now understand the importance of proper tooth alignment in overall health. Poorly aligned teeth can interfere with breathing, trigger jaw pain, and cause facial features to appear unbalanced. At Seligman Orthodontics, we embrace this new approach to orthodontics and focus on helping our patients improve their health and their self-confidence as we address their bite issues.

Dedicated Staff
Each member of the Seligman Orthodontics team is here for one reason alone: to deliver unparalleled patient care. The staff here is dedicated to creating a comfortable environment in which patients feel welcome and are encouraged to be active participants in their own treatments. Ensuring that you are happy with every stage of your care, including the outcome, is our No. 1 goal.

Renowned Orthodontist
Dr. David Seligman is one of the leading practitioners in his field. A graduate of University of Connecticut Dental School and Vanderbilt University Medical School Division of Orthodontics, Dr. Seligman has been in private practice since 1997. He is one of New York’s top orthodontists and is committed to staying on the cutting edge of orthodontic treatment.

The best way to find out the benefits of choosing Seligman Orthodontics is to experience them for yourself. Schedule an appointment with Dr. David Seligman today by calling (646) 681-8516.

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