Tips for Choosing an Orthodontic Treatment Method

August 20, 2013

Thanks to advances in dental technology, patients no longer have to rely on traditional metal braces in order to straighten their smile. Park Avenue orthodontist Dr. David Seligman with Seligman Orthodontics is proud to offer a number of innovative treatment methods, including the Damon system , Insignia, Incognito, and Invisalign. Continue reading for some great tips on how to determine which method is best suited to your needs.

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Consider Your Level of Malocclusion
Certain treatment methods are better suited to correct specific types of malocclusions than others. For example, the Invisalign system can be used to treat crowding and spacing issues, overbites, underbites, and crossbites. More severe malocclusions, however, may benefit more from the use of brackets and high-technology archwires such as those available using the Damon system.

Think About Your Daily Activities
A good way to choose an orthodontic treatment method is to consider what your typical daily activities are. For instance, Damon clear braces may be right for individuals whose lifestyle requires them to be in the public eye or do a lot of public speaking, whereas the Invisalign system may be right for individuals who lead an active lifestyle, as it can be removed during sports and other physical activities.

Visit Your Orthodontist
The best way to determine which orthodontic treatment method is right for you is to consult with your NYC orthodontist. After taking a series of X-rays, performing an oral examination, and creating a computerized 3D representation of your teeth, your orthodontist will provide an in-depth overview for each of your treatment options and help you determine which one is best suited to both your needs and aesthetic goals.

Get the information you need to choose the right orthodontic treatment method by contacting New York City’s own Dr. David Seligman at (646) 681-8516. You can also schedule an initial consultation with Seligman Orthodontics by visiting us on the Web.

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