Tips for Helping Your Teen Adjust to Braces

July 13, 2014

Braces are hardly an experience that only a few teenagers undergo. Despite the number of teens who get orthodontic treatment, though, some recipients may become hesitant at the thought of how braces can change their look and lifestyle. As a parent, you can assist your teen’s transition to getting braces with the following suggestions:

Make Oral Hygiene Easy

Braces can cause an initial disruption to a teen’s oral hygiene routine, as brushing and flossing around wire and brace brackets can take more time and attention. However, you can help your teen ease into his new cleaning practice with a little preparation and instruction. For example, to facilitate the flossing process, you may want to purchase a floss threader for your teen and show him how to use it. Having mouth rinse both at home and in his school locker can also help your teen wash away food particles that get stuck during mealtimes.

Two Teen Sisters

Create Braces-Friendly Meals

Hard and highly fibrous foods can make eating a challenge for teens. To make sure that his braces do not get in the way of a nutritious diet, create a menu that works with your teen’s orthodontic needs. Instead of giving him a whole apple in his lunch bag, cut it into easily edible pieces. Given that the days immediately following an orthodontic checkup might result in particularly sensitive teeth, you might also want to schedule meals with softer ingredients so that he avoids unnecessary discomfort.

Provide Orthodontic Options

Not all teens require metal braces. Even when your teen requires orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist can still offer him choices that can alleviate the stress that may come with a drastic change of appearance. Depending on the nature of your teen’s misalignment issues, he may be eligible for Invisalign treatment or ceramic braces. By discussing your options with your orthodontist, you can give your teen the chance to pick out the treatment method most suitable to his preferences.

Seligman Orthodontics on Park Avenue can help your teen enjoy the teeth-straightening process. After an initial consultation, Dr. David Seligman can assess whether your child might be eligible for aesthetic braces. Our orthodontic staff can also offer eating, brushing, and flossing tips. Call us today at (646) 681-8519 for more information.

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