What to Do In Case of Orthodontic Emergencies

January 25, 2015

Orthodontic emergencies, while rare, do happen. It’s important to know the proper course of action if you have something unexpected come up with your braces , and be sure to follow any instructions your orthodontist may have given you at the beginning of your treatment. Otherwise, follow these guidelines to handle most orthodontic emergencies:

Loose Brackets
Brackets can become loose or fall off the tooth completely when you experience trauma to the mouth, attempt to eat something crunchy or chewy, or rarely, when the adhesive fails. In most cases, the arch wire will prevent the bracket from leaving the mouth entirely, but it is important to get in to see your orthodontist as soon as possible to have the bracket reattached.

Teeth with braces

Displaced Wire
Occasionally, a ligature or bracket may loosen just enough to allow the arch wire to slide out of place. When this happen, the wire can poke and irritate the soft tissues in the back of one side of the mouth, resulting in moderate pain or sores. Sliding the wire back in place and tightening everything back up isn’t that difficult for your orthodontist, but you will need to schedule an appointment to have it done. Until you can get to the orthodontist, use orthodontic wax to cover the wire, or try to push the wire against the tooth gently with an eraser tip.

Sores, Irritation, and General Discomfort
While these situations are not considered true orthodontic emergencies, they can be troublesome when you’re experiencing them. Remember that there is always an adjustment period with new braces, as well as immediately after an orthodontic adjustment. Make use of orthodontic wax, warm saltwater rinses, and over the counter pain relievers as indicated by your orthodontist until your mouth makes the transition.

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