Why Should You Consult an Orthodontist Instead of Speaking to Your Dentist About Braces?

June 4, 2013

Investing in orthodontic treatment is a great way to improve the appearance of your smile while boosting your overall oral health. However, many dental patients are unsure of the steps to take once they have made the decision to undergo braces or the Invisalign system. Continue reading to learn why it is important to consult with a Park Avenue orthodontist rather than a general dentist when you are interested in braces.


Specialized Training
General dentists are trained to identify, treat, and prevent various oral conditions, such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, and even oral cancer. An orthodontist, on the other hand, is a type of dentist who undergoes additional education and training in order to treat conditions affecting the teeth and jaws. This means that visiting with an orthodontist rather than a general dentist ensures that your provider specializes in the type of treatment you require.

Variety of Treatment Options
Orthodontists specialize in treating malocclusions, also known as bad bites. For this reason, orthodontists usually offer a number of treatment options, including traditional metal braces, Damon clear braces, Incognito braces placed behind the teeth, and the Invisalign system. An orthodontic specialist will be able to determine which of these methods best suits your needs based on your aesthetic preferences and your specific level of malocclusion.

Handles Orthodontic Emergencies
Even the most diligent and careful orthodontic patients are at risk for an orthodontic emergency. Consulting with an orthodontist about braces not only opens the door to a wide variety of treatment options, but also means that you have access to immediate treatment following an orthodontic emergency. This includes broken or lose archwires, dislodged elastic ties, and loosened brackets.

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